Catriona MacRury
Irish-American Author

About the Book
My name is Catriona MacRury
I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest of Washington state, USA.

has some unexpected twists and is a fun easy read for both young and young at heart.
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Rory Gruaige & Prince Rutgar observe a dragoness feeding fish to her dragling. Tharill Gruaige watches Miss Reesa Burlong as she draws the dragons. The young people know there is no danger while a Dragon Keeper is close by.
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Drawing inspiration from both Ireland and Wales
Saving the Dragons was three years in the
making. I wanted to make my dragons feel real to
the reader, so I gave them the personalities of another wild and dangerous animal, The Orca (Killer Whales) that reside in the waters around our islands here in the Pudget Sound. These magnificent creatures are intelligent and devoted to their young and each other. They are also very playful, curious and peaceful, as long as they are left alone. My dragons are the same way.

I wrote a good part of Dragons in Cashel, Ireland and Conwy, Wales. Drawing from both cultures and languages. Most of the dragons have Welsh names and many of the towns and islands in my Celtic Islands have Gaelic names.
I have chosen to use the early 1800's as the era this story takes place in. Hopefully, you will find that it reads like a Historical Fiction novel .... well, one with Dragons living in some, still undiscovered, islands where they more than likely reside to this day.