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Jack, age 14 I thought the book was great. I really liked the part about the dog and the bees. It was really funny. I also liked it when the dragons breathed fire catching the ship on fire.

Shelley, age 52 This was such a fun read. Catriona writes with a wonderful sense of feeling and creativity.

Julia, age 12 I can't wait for the next one!!

David R, age 17 The ending was totally unexpected. Thanks for the autograph.

Orla Mcabe, 63 I bought two of these books from Ms. MacRury when she came to Skibberseen, for my granddaughters. They loved them.

Clay, age 21 Great Balls of Fire! Good ebook, although I couldn't really understand the map layout.

Karen, age 16 I love that the female in this story has a strong charactor. She reminds me of Princess Leia. We need more female protagonists like her.

 Connie K, 28, Houston, TX - This story is so original I won't be surprised if someone makes it into a movie.

Liam, 18, Galway, Ireland - It was nice to meet you and I enjoyed reading your book. Slainte.

Siobhan, 57, Spiddal, Ireland - I loved Reesa's personality. Tough yet not too manly. What a lovely tale.

Conor, age 12, Clifden, Ireland - My Nana got me this book and I like it.

Mary, 30, Loghrea, County Galway, Ireland. I bought this book for my nephew. He says he really likes it and he is not much of a reader.

Sharon F., Galway, Ireland - This is the story of family and friends and how they deal with adversity. Well written.
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