In 1814 the dragon population of the Celtic Islands
was starting to regain their numbers, having been
placed on the Protected Animals List of the
Endangered Species Act several years earlier.
But, when a mortally wounded dragon is found by
18 year old Tharill Gruaige and his uncle, the question
arises, is it a simple matter of out-laws trophy hunting
or something more sinister?

When the evidence points to a royal family on the
continent who had been renowned for their trophy hunting of dragons for generations, but who had also signed the binding No-Hunt clause of the Endangered Species Act; Tharill and his younger brother Rory find themselves thrown into the middle of a scheme of deception and misdirection.

On their journey to uncover the truth they will find allies in unlikely places, build friendships bound to last a lifetime, test their own family bonds and meet a feisty, strong willed, young lady like no one they had ever encountered before.
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Catriona MacRury
Irish-American Author

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